Our Story

In 2015, when EconomiWorks founder, Thomas Lopez, was relocating back to Houston from the D.C. metro area, he noticed something surprising.  While hailing Uber rides in Houston and chatting up with drivers, Thomas discovered many of the drivers were utilizing the ride-sharing service as a means to bridge the gap until their next employment opportunity.  In 2015,  Houston was feeling the crunch of the downturn in the oil & gas industry, and many laid off professionals were tapping into the gig economy to help pay their bills.  

Surely, there had to be another way to tap into their experiences to help them earn money.

Back at work, Thomas also observed the knowledge and skill gaps experienced from lay-offs, early retirements, and parents (mostly women) leaving the workforce to stay at home with their children.  The retirements contributed to a compounding knowledge gap and the decision by many women to be full-time stay-at-home moms drove a greater wedge in the ever present diversity gap.  All these departures left holes in the remaining workforce, raising stress levels on already strained teams.

Add on to these trends, the rise of the gig economy, and in 2018, EconomiWorks went from idea to reality aimed at pairing professionals with projects and working to make it simple!

Our Purpose

EconomiWorks started with a desire to help others connect and contribute.  With industry trends such as a knowledge and skill gaps, pressures on headcount, and struggles to meet diversity objectives, EconomiWorks provides a platform to help businesses engage with hidden talent so they can meet their business goals and objectives.  In this same spirit, we also aim to connect talent with new opportunities so they can reach their goals and feel a greater sense of achievement.

Our Values

We value 

  • helping people and companies achieve their potential
  • enriching businesses and people's lives with resources and opportunities 
  • fostering connections that drive collaborative partnerships
  • creating win-win-win-win solutions to help companies, professionals, the community, and our business grow and thrive in the economy
  • solving problems with ethical and practical solutions

Meet the Team


Thomas J Lopez, CEO & Founder

Thomas, a graduate of Texas A&M University, Class of '02, left the corporate world to pursue his passion of connecting people with the resources they need to pursue their goals.  

After nearly 15 years of working in Human Resources across various industries, Thomas brings his experience of helping business leaders translate their vision into action and is working to have EconomiWorks serve as a new engine for that service offering.  

Thomas has also promoted talent strategies that allow companies to attract, retain, and develop their most valuable resources - their people.  With his background, Thomas is positioning EconomiWorks as an innovative solution for addressing talent management challenges. 

He has championed creative ways to nurture talent by providing them the experiences and resources they need to reach their potential.  With EconomiWorks, Thomas aims to connect people with opportunities that will harness their skills, as well as develop new ones.

In a busy world, with too much to do and too little resources to get it all done, Thomas hopes to have EconomiWorks help bring order to chaos for those business leaders who need additional resources to meet their goals and for talent who is looking to experience something new.

Thomas believes in the old saying "work hard, play hard," so when he's looking for inspiration on how to satisfy all the many stakeholders of EconomiWorks, he enjoys time with his friends, family, and two dogs, as well as "relaxing" while running, swimming, biking and practicing yoga.