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How We Can Help

Have you ever found yourself saying "I have to much to do and not enough time" or "if only I had an extra pair of hands to get it all done?"

If your answer is "YES," EconomiWorks can help! 

EconomiWorks provides you with access to a network of freelance professionals and independent contractors that can help you complete your projects.  With our platform, you are connected to a community of professionals that offers diverse experiences and ideas, provides critical skills that are needed but perhaps not core to your business, or can lend an extra pair of hands to get your project over the finish line.

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Let's find you the talent you need to complete your short-term project, fill your skill or experience gap, or just get you some extra help.  Build your company profile and your project today!

How We Work


Find Symptoms

Where to Start? Bring Order to Chaos!

It can often feel like you have too much to do and too little time to do it.  To this point, you're not even sure where to start to get it all done!  That's why we like to start our conversations with companies with our "order to chaos" questions.  

We try to understand the "who, what, when, where, how" of what's on your plate.  We then try to help you decipher what is important and necessary for your business but perhaps not core, critical, and required of your business.  If there is a task or project that has to be done but is not core or critical to the business or required that you do it, we then work to pair you with a professional that can handle the job for you.

Ready to Find Talent

Sign up to build your company profile and share your project needs. EconomiWorks will then match you with a freelancer from our network of talent to help you meet your business need.

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What is Your Need?

Do you have work on your desk that you don't have the expertise to do, don't have the time to do, or just don't want to do?  If the answer to this question is YES, EconomiWorks can help!

Need Expertise?

Find retirees who have been there and done that and are ready to share their years of experience and knowledge with emerging leaders and team members.  

Find up-and-comers, who put the breaks on their high-powered careers to stay at home with their children but now are ready to dip a toe back into the working world.  They're ready to bring their thirst for success and bright ideas to your business to help you tackle your business challenges!

Our network of freelancers includes professionals with experience across a variety of fields and industries.  We aim to build our network with talent that has a minimum of five years of professional experience or equivalent educational experience.

Tell us what skills and experiences you need to complete your project, and EconomiWorks will tap into our network of talent to find you the help you need to move your business forward.

Not Enough Time?

At EconomiWorks, we know it's not that you don't have the ability to knock out your to-do list, it's often the case you just don't have enough time to get it all done.  Of course, getting help is great, but not if you have to spend more time explaining the task than just doing it yourself.

With our network of experienced professionals, you can rest easy that you won't have to spend unnecessary amounts of your time explaining the task because your working with professionals who can hit the ground running!

Just give us the project due date, and EconomiWorks will find a freelancer in our network to help you knock out your to-do list.

Just Don't Wanna?

We get it.  Sometimes you just don't want to tackle that dreaded task, but it has to be done - compliance training and reporting, benchmarking, data analysis.  Find a knowledgable and eager freelancer that is up for the task and ready to take it off of your hands!

Share with us that annoying task, and we'll find a talented professional ready to relieve you of your burden.


EconomiWorks is excited about partnering with you to find solutions to your resourcing needs. We know that by pairing freelance professionals with your project needs we can help you get more work completed.  We're confident this not only crosses off items from your to-do list, but also frees up space on your desk to focus on higher value projects to grow your business.  

Sign up and share your needs with us today!

Find Simple


Sign Up

Signing up with us is simple!  Fill out a company profile by clicking "Sign Up" and tell us what project you are working, what skills and experiences you need, and for what timeframe you need freelance support.


Find Talent

Once EconomiWorks knows your project scope and resource requirements, we can source our network of talent to find a freelancer that matches your needs.

How does EconomiWorks match talent with projects?  

We'll take your project description, key words, and worker preferences and match them against our database of vetted freelance professionals.  


Get to Work

Once there is a match with a freelancer and a company project, EconomiWorks will connect the company's project lead with the freelancer for them to align on the exact project scope, timing, and work preferences. 

After everyone has agreed as to what work needs to be completed with estimated timelines and work requirements, EconomiWorks will formalize the project with a work order to which both the freelancer and company will sign and agree.  From there, the true work begins!

Whether you're looking for skills and experiences in communications, finance, engineering, HR, IT, or other lines of professional work, EconomiWorks aims to provide our clients with access to a network of talent that will help their business thrive and grow!